Southern New Hampshire University

Title: Director Of Product Design
Tenure: Sep 2021 - Sep 2023
Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
Oversaw: Product Design Department

In his capacity as the Director of Product Design at SNHU OPPI, Aneil Razvi led the establishment of the Product Design Department, playing a transformative role in advancing professional education through innovative product development. Aneil's strategic vision and operational leadership significantly contributed to SNHU OPPI's success, making it a standout in the rapidly evolving landscape of professional education.

Key Achievements:In the dynamic landscape of educational technology, Aneil Razvi's tenure at SNHU OPPI stands as a testament to his ability to drive impactful change, foster innovation, and lead teams toward achieving remarkable outcomes.

Strategic Leadership and Department Establishment: Aneil successfully defined departmental goals, roles, and recruited key talent, paving the way for the establishment of the Product Design Department. His strategic initiatives bridged organizational gaps and implemented solutions to manage change fatigue, setting the stage for SNHU OPPI's journey into innovative product design.
Career Advancement Framework: Under Aneil's leadership, the introduction of a career advancement framework proved instrumental in boosting productivity by 5x and enhancing employee satisfaction by 200%. Through online education, mentorship programs, and leadership support, Aneil fostered an environment of increased trust and enthusiasm among team members, resulting in multiple promotions and accelerated career progression.
Comprehensive Product Development Process: Aneil's and his team devised and implemented a comprehensive product development process, mapping out the entire lifecycle and establishing a design operations function. Through aneil’s effective communication via visualization and storytelling, they reshaped the university's approach to education, addressing the evolving needs of the professional landscape.
Transformative Impact: Aneil's strategic vision and collaborative efforts played a pivotal role in SNHU OPPI's transformative journey, exceeding expectations and making a lasting impact. His leadership in establishing a culture of continuous learning, mentorship, and efficient product development not only enhanced the organization's internal dynamics but also positioned SNHU OPPI as a trailblazer in professional education.


Title: Director of User Experience / Director of Product Management
Tenure: Apr 2020 - Jun 2021
Location: Richardson, Texas
Oversaw: UX department, product management department, learning and development department

Director of Product & User Experience (UX) | Kalkomey
Strategic Visionary & Transformational Leader:
As the Director of User Experience at Kalkomey, I led a dynamic team overseeing UX, product management, and learning and development. Spearheading a strategic shift from development-focused to user-centric approaches, I played a pivotal role in propelling Kalkomey to the forefront of the North American boating education industry.

Key Achievements:
Innovative Product Development:
Orchestrated the creation of an adaptive Learning Management System, seamlessly integrating acquisitions like "Campfire Collective," resulting in $300,000+ in time and cost savings.
Revenue Growth: During the pandemic we saw exponential growth to satisfy the need of this growth we enhanced our offerings that led to a remarkable 225%+ increase in content sales, solidifying Kalkomey's dominance in the industry.
Organizational Evolution: Led change management initiatives for rebuilding the B2B Servicing gaming platform, enhanced the education platform with an e-commerce stream, and restructured the organization for strategic alignment.
Stakeholder Communication: Effectively communicated product direction to stakeholders, aligning product management with company goals, leading to 5 successful product launches and sustained growth.

Director of Product Management | Kalkomey
Crafted and Implemented Business Unit Strategic Plan:
In my role as Director of Product at Kalkomey, I navigated the strategic landscape to maintain platform profitability and expand market share. Acquiring and integrating "Campfire Collective" into our ecosystem, I successfully addressed challenges in change management, platform redevelopment, and organizational restructuring.

Key Achievements:
Product Portfolio Expansion:
Launched a full-service B2B Servicing gaming product focused on events and campgrounds, significantly enhancing the platform's offerings.
Workforce Optimization: Restructured the workforce to be more business-centered, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and the creation of new opportunities.
Strategic Roadmap: Developed a comprehensive roadmap for the entire Kalkomey ecosystem, guiding the company's evolution and ensuring future success.


Title: Senior Manager of UX Department 
Tenure: Oct 2016 - Apr 2020
Location: Dallas, Texas
Oversaw: UX Department
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Aneil Razvi, during his tenure as Senior Manager in the UX department at Omnitracs, played a pivotal role in orchestrating transformative initiatives that reshaped the company's approach to design and significantly contributed to its overall success.

Key Achievements:
In addition to his UX and Research leadership, Aneil played a key role in Omnitracs' financial success in 2020. The company experienced substantial growth, with revenue increasing by 6% to $500 million and EBITDA growing by 12% to $145 million. Aneil's strategic vision and commitment to excellence were evident in Omnitracs' addition of over 1,000 new customers, expansion into new international markets, and successful product launches. His multifaceted contributions positioned Omnitracs for continued growth in the years to come.

UX Leadership and Cultural Impact: In the UX department, Aneil Razvi implemented strategic leadership approaches that fostered a culture of continuous improvement. His initiatives included collaborative partnerships aligned with organizational goals, leading to tangible results and elevated expectations. Aneil introduced transformative processes centered around upskilling, issue resolution, clear expectations, and effective communication. This not only enhanced productivity but also built a foundation of trust within the design team.
Mentorship and Talent Development: Aneil's commitment to mentorship and talent development resulted in the promotion of three individuals and prioritization of additional resources within the department. His hands-on approach and dedication to individual growth created an environment where talent thrived, significantly advancing the team's expertise.
Customer-Centric Transformation: As a change agent, Aneil's impact was substantial. He transformed how Omnitracs' customers perceived and engaged with their services, overseeing support for a diverse range of products. Aneil established a living design system, pattern library, and code repository, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the organization. His leadership led to the development of a comprehensive UX roadmap, successful UX assessments for acquisitions, and the incorporation of valuable customer feedback into product designs, resulting in heightened usability and efficiency.
Research Department Leadership: In addition to his UX leadership, Aneil Razvi established and led the Research Department, focusing on testing the IoT ecosystem of products and implementing best practices within Omnitracs. This initiative contributed to the company's overall success by ensuring thorough testing and adherence to industry standards.
Industry Recognition and Thought Leadership: Aneil actively promoted the UX Department through speaking engagements, both internally and externally. His thought leadership contributed to the development of a comprehensive UX roadmap, successful UX assessments for acquisitions, and the incorporation of valuable customer feedback into product designs. His efforts led to heightened usability and efficiency, making Aneil's tenure a period of significant advancement and positive transformation within Omnitracs.


2002 - Ongoing
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Throughout my career as a freelancer, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities. These experiences have been incredibly fulfilling, allowing me to showcase my creativity and expertise in various domains. From logo redesigns to brand development, direct mailing campaigns to web design and development, and even consulting on design projects, I have been able to exercise and expand my creative muscles to their fullest potential.

One of the aspects I find most rewarding is the ability to work across different industries and organizations, gaining insights and perspectives that fuel my creativity. By collaborating closely with clients, I have had the opportunity to understand their specific needs and tailor my solutions accordingly. This collaborative approach has led to the successful development of impactful iOS and Android applications, visually appealing websites, and comprehensive brand strategies.

In addition to my design work, I have played a pivotal role in establishing and optimizing key departments within organizations. For instance, I have been instrumental in setting up and refining the UX Department and product design department, creating efficient processes and workflows that enhance overall productivity and ensure the delivery of exceptional user experiences. This involvement in developing internal functions has further deepened my understanding of the intricacies involved in delivering successful design solutions.

What drives me is not only the passion for design but also the desire to make a lasting impact on the organizations I work with. By applying my expertise and collaborating closely with clients, I have been able to craft compelling visual identities, streamline user experiences, and provide valuable design consultations. I take great pride in the positive feedback I have received and the long-term relationships I have built with clients who trust me to bring their vision to life.

As I continue to pursue freelance opportunities, I remain committed to honing my craft, staying up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. I am excited for the new challenges and projects that lie ahead, eager to make a difference in every endeavor I undertake.


Title: Lead UX Designer
Tenure: Oct 2014 - Oct 2016 
Location: Las Colinas, Texas
Oversaw: Two lines of business squads
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Aneil is an accomplished lead UX designer who successfully established and led two separate lean UX teams consisting of UX/UI/UXA designers, front-end developers, researchers, and copywriters. He excelled in coaching team members, cultivating strong business partner relations, and ensuring the timely delivery of design and content materials.

Under Aneil's leadership, his teams made significant contributions to the company by establishing a comprehensive design system and reusable design pattern library. This valuable resource encompassed front-end code, templates, layouts, UI elements, and interaction patterns, ensuring consistency and efficiency in design implementation.

Aneil's responsibilities included the development of user-centered design methods and principles. He utilized user cases, personas, wireframes, sitemaps, experience flows, and UI specifications to create meaningful user experiences. Aneil consistently applied a user-centered design philosophy, leveraging data, testing, research, and metrics to drive decision-making and align the user experience across Citi's digital properties.

With his expertise in leading diverse teams, establishing robust design systems, and implementing user-centered design approaches, Aneil has made a significant impact on enhancing the overall user experience and driving the success of the organization.

Juliana B.
SVP, Head of Product Accelerator and Incubator, Citi FinTech

Aneil worked with Juliana in the same group

Aneil is an absolute pleasure to work with and one of the greatest partners and team players I've had the liberty of working with. The quality of his work speaks for himself, which is why he is such a valued asset to the firm. His materials became so popular that they were used in various CEO presentations. BUT, although his design skills are superb, what makes him such an asset is the "how". He takes on any challenge with a smile on his face and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get done. He gives 100% every time and that to me is worth more than the output.

Denise H.
Marketing Associate | MBA Candidate at Kellogg School of Management

Denise worked with Aneil in different groups

I’ve worked with Aneil on several accounts in which he served as the Art Director for and was impressed by his innovative thinking, hard work, dependability, and excellent communication skills. He is especially great at ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that the goals for a project have been met or exceeded. His great attitude made him a pleasure to work with as well.

Beth F.
User Experience Designer/Senior Graphic Designer

Aneil worked with Beth in the same group

I had the pleasure of working with Aneil at Citi and I couldn't say enough nice things about him. Aneil is a hard worker and always goes above and beyond what you ask of him. He isn't afraid to ask questions to get the project done right the first time. Aneil would be an asset to any team and it would be an honor to work with him again.

Amy F.
Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing at Moving Minds

Amy worked with Aneil in different groups

Each time I've worked with Aneil on projects, he has thoughtfully taken the time to evaluate the ask, before providing creative ideas and ways to make Citi's Global Digital team communications more exciting. He's able to manage multiple deadlines, including high-priority projects, all while maintaining a positive attitude - despite fire drills. Aneil is definitely an asset to any team he's on, and he's the go-to guy for quick turnaround and quality work.

Abhinav G.
Digital Product Manager

Abhinav worked with Aneil in different groups

It was great working with Aneil's design / UX team. They went above and beyond what was asked of them, helping us work towards a solution and also uncovering situations that might occur in the future. Aneil does not only come with good questions he also comes with possible paths ahead. His understanding of the agile work flow that his team excels at made a huge difference in our delivery timelines. Aneil works well with various teams, has a great understanding of what makes people tick, and partners with them to succeed.

TMX Finance

Aug 2014 – Oct 2014
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At TMX Finance, I held a role that encompassed a wide range of responsibilities to enhance the training experiences across multiple lines of businesses. These responsibilities included creating instructional design, concepting and storyboarding videos, as well as shooting and editing them. I also developed training modules and a variety of print materials such as session handouts, participant guides, and job aids. Additionally, I had the opportunity to develop digital presentations and infographics for the TMX C-Suite, providing valuable visual support for their communications and presentations. Through these efforts, I played a vital role in supporting and enhancing corporate and field training initiatives at TMX Finance.

Rebecca C.
Senior Operations Manager at The Marketing Arm

Aneil worked with Rebecca in the same group

Aneil and I both had the advantage of building out our respective creative departments while at TMX Finance. Our teams (video production and graphic design) worked closely together throughout our time there and I developed a great working relationship with Aneil (it would be hard not to)! Not only is he an experienced designer with ability to create work in a variety of styles and types, but is also able establish proven processes and guidelines while developing a graphics department.

Capital One Auto Finance

Nov 2012 – Aug 2014
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Aneil is a highly accomplished Creative Director who has played a pivotal role in driving exceptional results for Capital One. Through his innovative marketing strategies, designs, and concepts, he achieved an impressive 40% increase in direct mail ROI. Additionally, Aneil was instrumental in developing the UX/UI design for the Capital One Auto Finance web page and the highly successful Capital One Auto Navigator.

At Capital One, Aneil's responsibilities encompassed art direction of direct mail, web design, UX/UI design, e-mail design, and branding. His keen eye for design and strategic thinking contributed to creating impactful and visually engaging experiences for customers.

To generate new business opportunities internally, Aneil developed and presented a department roadshow that significantly raised the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and increased the value of the department. His ability to showcase the team's capabilities and foster internal growth has been instrumental in driving success.

Aneil's direct contributions have had a profound impact on key achievements at Capital One. Notably, his involvement in the Capital One Diamond program resulted in a record-breaking $16 billion in auto loan originations for Capital One Auto Finance. Furthermore, as part of the internal team that developed the Capital One Auto Navigator, Aneil's design-centric thinking was pivotal in shaping the functionality, logic, and UX/UI of the platform.

Beyond his design expertise, Aneil's storytelling and presentation skills have been instrumental in engaging global audiences during internal events, including town halls. His ability to collaborate with the executive team and deliver compelling narratives has added significant value to these occasions.

With his track record of driving remarkable results, strategic vision, and exceptional design capabilities, Aneil has proven himself as an invaluable executive who consistently delivers outstanding outcomes for Capital One.

Douglas Shaw & Associates

Nov 2012 – Aug 2014
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My responsibilities at Douglas Shaw & Associates included designing and organizing advertising and promotional campaigns for the agency from start to finish for numerous clients; developing strategies and designs for web designs, direct-mail, brochures, and design, logos, application logos, annual reports and a variety of other collateral pieces; leading as the key design individual in firm’s strategic branding campaign, involving video, training books, company history book and logos; developing and designed strategies for new business expansion and securing accounts; participating in new business efforts with account directors and other strategic agency leads; supervising creatives (direct- and non-direct reports); and overseeing the execution of all creative efforts to ensure successful implementation of strategic, budgetary and schedule requirements.

Douglas S.
Chairman/CEO at Douglas Shaw & Associates

Douglas was senior to Aneil but didn’t manage directly

Aneil is a very gifted Art Director! We thoroughly enjoyed working with him as well as the quality of his work. I would work with him again in a minute!

--Douglas Shaw
Douglas Shaw & Associates

Graham S.
Vice President of Operations at Douglas Shaw & Associates

Graham worked with Aneil in different groups

Aneil is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever worked with. The quality of his designs and films he created while working with us produced terrific response. His communication style is very open, he is not afraid to ask questions and is always willing to answer questions, or he would connect you with the person who has the answers. His timeliness was prompt and he did not miss deadlines. I hope to work with Aneil again some day.

Sarah K.
Digital Content Specialist at

Aneil was senior to Sarah but didn’t manage directly

It's been a pleasure working with Aneil at DSA. His ability to lead from the middle in different projects and initiatives have been the turning point to increase the profitability of the projects that he has been working on. He takes initiative and works extremely well with the rest of the team to achieve the objective of the project as well as taking it to that next level. He definitely puts his spin on creative process but he doesn't get married to it he's open to suggestions even from business and looks at it from the angle of increasing the ROI for the projects that he works on. There are many projects that we have worked on that his input has increased the ROI.

Mark D.
Sales Consultant

Aneil worked with Mark in the same group

Aneil is an experienced designer with an eye for work that stands out, but never at the expense of the message. He has fresh creative ideas and collaborates well with team members in the freelance/remote role. He maintains a positive attitude even while working under pressure and has the maturity and experience to give and receive direction.

Samantha A.
Art Director at TPN

Samantha worked with Aneil in different groups

Aneil is a great resource! He had very insightful information regarding my portfolio and tips about interviewing. Aneil gave me a pep talk and suggestions for a leave-behind. As a result, I landed a job and I have Aneil to thank! :)

Diesel Displays

June 2010 - March 2011
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My responsibilities at Diesel Displays included designing displays for products, concepts and new designs; creating and testing mock up displays; and developing a production line for manufacturing displays in-house. I designed technical drawings for manufacturers to produce displays, sourced all materials and personnel for developing displays, and developed innovative strategies for new product launches. I conceptualized and guided creative solutions that effectively communicated the strategic objectives for a set of assigned accounts; created display designs for different store promotions, events, and stores displays; supervised display installation crew, from simple props to full displays; designed retail displays, interactive displays, and promotional displays for key product launches; coordinated brand design projects and acted as the main design point of contact with the marketing team, and design team; supported the agency with new business through bold, innovative work, as well as effective presentations; and improved the overall quality of the agency’s portfolio by 45%, measured by client satisfaction and award winning work.


January 2010 - June 2010

Freelance / Art Director

I developed multiple catalogs for OfficeMax, developed the interior design/environmental design for Dick’s Sporting Goods Headquarters, and developed direct mail pieces for Walmart newspaper ads.

The Richard’s Group

January 2009 - January 2010


At The Richard’s Group I designed and created new business proposals and ad creations. My responsibilities involved all phases of design work from conceptualizing to actual printed pieces; creating mock-ups for client presentations and internal use; creating innovative and conceptual design solutions for advertising or promotional campaigns, company brochures, environmental graphics, newsletters and training materials; leading the effort for translation of brand strategies and marketing objectives into consistent design solutions; managing multiple projects simultaneously in a team-oriented environment, collaborating with other art directors, designers, photographers, production artists, and illustrators; assisting with catalog production, including page layout, cover design and color correction of images; producing persuasive covers, incorporating charts, graphs, and diagrams for annual reports; and compositing raw images from photo shoots for initial client presentation and approvals.


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My responsibilities included creative output over a large group of accounts; managing the development of brand identity and visualization for client packages; working with the Creative Director and team members to develop creative concepts and execute assigned projects across all media types; and enhancing client’s multi-channel marketing in social media, print, direct mail, web and various other channels.

Richard J.
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Executive Assistant

Aneil worked with Richard W. Holt in the same group

Aneil has worked as a freelance Graphic Designer for the creative team at STRATMARK for several years. He has assisted in producing highly effective and visually compelling work for our portfolio of non-profit clients. He is an experienced designer with a proficiency in desktop publishing and a keen eye for design and typography. He is always willing to pitch in, participate and aid in providing a solution to any design or marketing challenge. His enthusiasm and professionalism is always a positive contribution and makes it a pleasure to work with him.

Robin J.
Assistant Vice President, Client Partnership at Ansira

Aneil worked with Robin in the same group

Aneil is a highly reliable, detail-oriented and enthusiastic addition to any team. He can move between tasks and people fluidly. I always valued having him around.

Home Interiors

2005 - 2007


In my time at Home Interiors, I was able to create brochures in all stages, including coming up with the initial creative ideas, elaborating on the concept, drawing the mock-ups, and directing and executing photo shoots that would enhance the brochures and achieve the goal of enticing people to buy the particular product. My role also enabled me to help create other print and promotional material both individually and as part of a team.


2004 - 2005


I started at Intra-Graphics as the sole designer, and eventually helped hire, train, and work with two other designers as part of a small team. My responsibilities included developing new and updating existing logos, creating promotional material, and designing a myriad of marketing material including menus, brochures, posters, and more.

The One Group

2002 - 2004


I started my career at The One Group as a junior graphic designer, eventually being promoted to graphic designer, and this job was essential in helping me to cut my teeth in the design world. While working with great clients like Haggar, Dean Foods, and Hershey's, I was able to learn the ropes by doing everything from logo design to making promotional materials to help sell products to bigger clients.