Start with the end in mind.

There’s always an answer to any question. A solution to every problem. Unfortunately, many people have a tough time understanding other people’s points of view. Being insightful, empathetic, and communicating well is key in these situations. Starting with the end goal in mind will keep everyone honest and on course to solving the initial issue.

I'm a Designer, of what?

Let me give you some background. I officially started off my career in high school - unofficially I started even younger than that. I’ve always understood that design can be applied to anything and that design is not confined only to art. I came from a family that always showed by example how to overcome and benefit from the cards you were dealt (one of my earliest memories of design thinking was of my mother tying pantyhose to the windshield wipers to pull them back and forth while picking me up from school in a rainstorm!)

In high school, I truly enjoyed drafting class along with classes in science and art. I combined all of these things that I had a passion for and went to architectural school at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. During one of my classes, I had to do a presentation for one of my projects that had to do with graphic design and I instantly fell in love with it. I immediately changed my major to Visual Communications and graduated with a BFA.

I have a unique skill set that is the culmination of all my experiences that combined my education with architecture, industrial design, visual communications, and graphic design and my professional experience with user experience design, design thinking, user-centric thinking, entrepreneurship/ROI, and marketing. Wow – that was a lot of buzzwords! But in all seriousness and sincerity, when I work on a project I use each and every one of these skills to come up with the best solution.

Working with greatness

I have had the opportunity to work with fantastic people and amazing companies throughout my career. Here’s just a few of the companies I’ve been able to work with.

Giving Back to our Field

I love being able to give back to the design community. I’ve been part of the Dallas Society of Visual Communications where I helped with portfolio reviews. I’ve been on the board of the AIGA DFW chapter, working with portfolio reviews and mentorship matchmaking. I have also been able to host the Behance portfolio review in DFW for the last three years.

Never Stop Learning

I graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications and a minor in Art History from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Recently, I’ve gone to the IDEO design thinking training which has influenced me and the way I use design thinking in the creative process.