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Event: Behance Portfolio Review, AIGA Portfolio Review, Omnitracs Outlook, Vista Equity Partners

Omnitracs User Experience Lab + Channel Partner

Omnitracs Outlook 2020

A conversation between Omnitracs User Experience Team and Omnitracs Channel Partners. This was a sneak peek into the future Omnitracs One product line and how our Channel Partners can help with shaping the vision of the future. 

AIGA DFW Portfolio Review

AIGA DFW Portfolio Review 2020

This event provides emerging designers a chance to practice their interviewing skills and get valuable feedback from local professionals about their design work and résumé in a no-risk, non-competitive environment geared at preparing them for their next career move. The review is a great opportunity for all regardless of where they are in their careers. 
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Can UX Survive Without Product Management?

2020 Vista UX Summit

In-depth conversation around how the UX team & product management should be one cohesive family.  What to expect from one another and what kind of value does each team bring to the table.

Omnitracs User Experience Team + Channel Partner

Omnitracs Outlook 2019

A conversation between Omnitracs User Experience Team and Omnitracs Channel Partners. This was a sneak peek into the future Omnitracs One product line and how our Channel Partners can help with shaping the vision of the future. 
Photo taken by: Zaid AlKaylani - form InCube Mobility Solutions

Panel: Design Systems & Other Key UX Topics

2019 Vista UX Summit

Here are some of the questons:
Distributed or centralized? Single or dual track? How are companies effectively merging design practices into agile environments?
What metrics do you use to measure the effectiveness / success of your team?
What tips do you have for better developer-designer relations?
What advice would you give developers to help them be more design-aware?
How do you get a resistant stakeholder (or engineer, PM, etc.) to embrace the design process?
Panelist: Dashiel Hermann, Raymond Galang, Aneil Razvi

How to Come Up with a Million Ideas and Pick the Best Ones!

2019 Vista UX Summit

We’ll be discussing brainstorming techniques, including tips and tricks for coming up with new ideas as well as keeping the momentum in order to design multiple concepts from one idea. Idea generation is necessary, and affects user testing options and ultimately reflect on your ROI.

Speakers: Arielle McMahon, Aneil Razvi

Dallas Sketch App Meetup

Pizza & Pixels with Sketch

We will be teaching a class on shortcuts and tips and tricks when using Sketch. Our goal is not only to improve peoples ability but the way that they build files that will increase productivity and reduce maintenance. We will also be going over atomic design and how to apply that when creating a style guide.

The Data Reveal: What’s Behind Your Omnitracs Products

Omnitracs Outlook 2018 (Data and Analytics Track)

This talk about what the UX team does and how it gathers information and data focused on combining human behavioral studies with data analytics to design better, more intuitive products. I explained the benefits of utilizing driver ride alongs, usability testing, Google Analytics, and more in order to transform and improve the user experience for drivers, back-office personnel, managers, and even customers.

Building Better Applications Together

Omnitracs Outlook 2018 (Training Track)

This unique speaking session included a live demonstration showcasing the UX design process. After giving a brief overview of the role UX plays in the creation and end-product, we asked for audience participation and feedback in order to enhance and further develop an application, making it better, more intuitive, and more user-friendly, right in front of their eyes.

Field Studies - Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Our Users

2018 Vista UX Summit

Designers too often begin work on new projects or design new features without fully understanding the implications that their decisions have on end users. In this session, I, along with my team, shared how we used field research to become embedded in the lives of our users and built radical empathy to guide the direction of their products. Since every moment of each excursion is recorded with film and audio, presenting findings becomes an immersive experience, and a great way to build consensus among stakeholders. We presented a case study of our field studies in this session.

Solving Common Problems Faced by Designers

2018 Vista UX Summit

You had submitted the title “Career Paths and Motivating Designers”. After talking with TIBCO, they thought it may be good to expand it slightly to call the session, “Solving Common Problems Faced by Designers” and have Omnitracs and TIBCO provide some examples of problems that designers face and how you both have solved them.  Thoughts? If this is of interest, I will connect you with someone at TIBCO.

Creating a Style Guide

2018 Vista UX Summit

I helped the audience in this session learn the value of developing a UI style guide.  A style guide not only benefits the design team, it also helps front-end developers speed up their workflow and creates consistency from an end-user’s point of view. People left my session with knowing how to increase productivity exponentially and dismiss any confusion when communicating across the teams in their companies.

How Its Made: The Omnitracs UX Design Lab

Omnitracs Outlook 2017

This presentation gave our customers insight into how the UX design process is used and implemented at Omnitracs. I showed the audience how our team works directly with drivers and dispatchers to create relevant and impactful applications to meet growing needs.

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Bring Design Thinking to Your Organization

2017 Vista Product & Technology Leadership Best Practices

To bring an innovation culture into your corporation, you will need to staff up, team up, and get your leadership ready to embrace change. Learn how to prep the foundation for successful shifts in culture and bring an innovation framework to your office that will drive results

Dev Panel

2017 Vista Operational Excellence Best Practices

Have you ever wanted an open forum to ask technologists important questions that only they can answer? This event gave audience members the opportunity to hear first-hand from experts how the development process works from beginning to end and ask questions. My role was to showcase the best way to identify new creatives to join a team.

Mentoring Creatives

2017 Vista UI/UX Summit Best Practices

I created and delivered a presentation that was meant to teach people how to properly mentor the creatives on their team and in their company. Speaking from experience, I was able to talk to leaders and creatives alike and show them how to help their employees map out career paths, what is needed to really move a creative team, teach them how to set an environment that will cultivate success, and create a toolkit that will help them implement these things once they get back to their offices.


Behance Portfolio Reviews - Multiple

Twice annually, Behance presents Portfolio Review Week, a week of live, community-organized events by and for creatives across the globe.

Portfolio Review events are hosted by companies, professional organizations, and individuals interested in connecting their creative community, and attended by creatives of all disciplines and experience levels looking for inspiration and actionable feedback on their work.

As a facilitator for this event, I helped to break the ice and set the tone for everyone involved. I also helped to match junior designers with seniors in their field to get the best results and benefits from their portfolio reviews.