Connecting donors with causes

Making an impact in your community not only helps the less fortunate to get back on their feet. It helps them live better lives and make better life decisions.
Client: Stratmark | Role: Art Director - Freelance

What I did for Stratmark

I came to Stratmark as a freelance Art Director. While I was there, I met some amazing people and worked for some amazing causes. I helped with developing a portion of the design team and worked very closely with the Creative Director to implement his vision for the team. I learned a lot about how to manage and lead by example as well as delegate responsibilities to create a consistent and profitable workflow. Not coming from the direct mail industry as well as the non-for profit industry helps me immensely so that I was not shackled by what has been done or what can be done, By adding my own creativity, I helped increase the response rate for a multitude of different campaigns. 

Some of my responsibilities included creative output over a large group of accounts. I managed the development of brand identity and visualization for client packages, working with the Creative Director and team members to develop creative concepts and execute assigned projects across all media types. I was also tasked with enhancing client’s multi-channel marketing in social media, print, direct mail, web and various other channels.

Getting New Clients, One Piece of Mail at a Time

Delivery Limited came to Stratmark as a new client trying to increase their business. We did a multitude of different direct mail campaigns for them. One campaign that I really loved working on was “Think outside the box.” This was mailed to all of their high-end clientele as a Mother's Day special and the response was extraordinary, to the point that we kind of shot our self in the foot. They had too much business and had to skip their next mailing.

Clients I worked with

These are some of the great clients I had the opportunity to work with while at Stratmark.

We are your fund raising solution!

Stratmark normally goes to events and sets up a kiosk to help with their internal marketing. I helped design this handout that helped Stratmark gather information from potential clients along with giving a them a small taste of what Stratmark provides to their customers. This tied into the sales kit that had the same look and feel.

Help the Sales Team be the Solution Team

The challenge was to have a kit of sorts that could be manipulated to serve any client. What we came up with was a general information pamphlet with a folder in the back that had specific services that Stratmark provided, along with case studies that were categorized into interactive, direct mail, and integrated multi-channel marketing. This was a wild success and helped the sales team to acquire more business.

Supporting the Cause-And-Effect

In the time that I was with Stratmark, I designed and released over 250 direct mail pieces. Here's an example of one I did for Paula White. The response to this and a multitude of different other campaigns we did for her increased her donors as well as revitalized her message.