Collaborating for Fulfillment: Empowering Organizations and Impacting Lives

Harnessing the power of storytelling, we work together to craft compelling narratives that drive organizational success and make a positive difference in the lives of individuals in need.
Douglas Shaw and Associates | Role: Art Director
Collaboration | Storytelling | Prioritization | Delegation | Coaching and Mentoring | Creative Problem Solving | Brand Identity Development | Visualization | Conceptualization | Project Execution | Multi-Channel Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Print Design | Direct Mail Campaigns | Web Design | Data Analytics | Donor Engagement | Client Relationship Management | Exceptional Communication | Attention to Detail

Driving Success at Douglas Shaw & Associates

As an Art Director at Douglas Shaw & Associates, I had the privilege of serving over 25 diverse clients across various industries. This experience honed my ability to effectively prioritize and delegate multiple workstreams simultaneously. Beyond collaborating with a talented team, I also took on the role of coaching junior designers, helping them not only to catch up on their skills but also to cultivate their design expertise to tackle assigned projects with confidence. During this time, I implemented efficient systems to handle the increasing workload.

My extensive responsibilities encompassed delivering creative solutions for a wide range of accounts, overseeing the development of brand identities and visualizations for client packages, collaborating with the Creative Director and team members to conceptualize and execute projects across different media channels, and enhancing clients' multi-channel marketing efforts in areas such as social media, print, direct mail, web, and more.

Empowering Transformation through Compelling Narratives

Through heartfelt interviews with individuals who received support from Union Gospel Mission, we captured their incredible journeys of overcoming adversity and the pivotal role played by Union Gospel Mission in their success. These stories were profoundly moving and impactful. However, considering the limited attention spans of viewers, I skillfully edited the filmed videos to craft a concise yet powerful narrative that showcased their remarkable transition from homelessness to becoming thriving members of society.

Driving Results through Direct Mail Campaigns

Throughout my tenure at Douglas Shaw and Associates, I spearheaded the delivery and design of more than 400 highly effective direct mail campaigns for our esteemed clients. Leveraging data analytics, we achieved higher success rates and even surpassed previous mailing performance. Our rigorous testing initiatives proved invaluable, equipping me with enhanced skills in effectively engaging prospective donors. Here are a few noteworthy examples showcasing my creations.

Collaborating with Inspiring Clients

At Douglas Shaw and Associates, I had the privilege of working alongside exceptional clients who shared a common mission of making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Here are some of the remarkable clients I had the opportunity to collaborate with during my tenure.