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Telling a compelling story can help organizations reach their goals and help people in need.
Client: Douglas Shaw and Associates | Role: Art Director

What I did for Douglas Shaw & Associates

I started at Douglas Shaw & Associates as an Art Director that provided service for more than 25 different clients in a multitude of arenas. This experience has built my ability to prioritize and delegate many work streams at the same time. I started off working with a team and then was chosen to coach some junior-level designers to not only get them up to speed, but also to develop their design skills so they can better tackle the work that was assigned to them. At that time, I developed different systems to satisfy the amount of additional work that was coming our way.

More of my responsibilities included creative output over a large group of accounts, managing the development of brand identity and visualization for client packages, worked with the Creative Director and team members to develop creative concepts, and execute assigned projects across all media types tasked with enhancing client’s multi-channel marketing in social media, print, direct mail, web, and various other channels.

Telling the Story

We interviewed many people that have been helped by Union Gospel Mission and used it to tell a story of how the less fortunate got back on their feet and what role Union Gospel Mission played in helping them succeed. These stories were extremely intense and unbelievable. Unfortunately, people’s attention spans are too short for the entire story of these individual’s lives. By editing the videos that were filmed, I developed a more concise storyline of how these people came from the streets to being productive members of society.

Direct Mail

While working with these amazing clients at Douglas Shaw and Associates, I successfully delivered and designed over 400 direct mail campaigns. By utilizing analytics, we increase the success rate and/or broke even with previous mailings. The testing we did was invaluable and I learned a lot and developed skills on how to better communicate with prospective donors. Here are just a few examples of what I created.

Working With Great Clients

Good people helping people in need. Here are the great clients I worked with while at Douglas Shaw and Associates.