Empowering a Unified Voice

rafting a compelling and resonant voice for a company and its geographically dispersed workforce is paramount. By developing a powerful and unifying "battle cry," we enabled employees across the nation to rally behind a shared vision and purpose.
TMX Finance | Role: Senior Art Director >> Creative Direction
Creative Direction and Branding | Instructional Design and Multimedia Production | Digital Presentation and Infographic Design | Gamification and Employee Engagement | Curriculum Development and Training System Implementation | Collaborative Problem Solving | Storytelling and Narrative Development | Communication and Relationship Building | Strategic Vision and Leadership

Accomplishments at TMX Finance

My journey at TMX Finance began as a Senior Art Director, and as our department expanded, I took on the role of Creative Director. I played a pivotal part in establishing the overall tone and aesthetic of our extensive internal communications.

Within my role, I was responsible for a wide range of tasks, including creating instructional designs, conceptualizing and producing videos and training modules, and designing various print materials such as handouts, guides, and aids to enhance corporate and field training across multiple lines of business within TMX Finance. Additionally, I had the opportunity to develop impactful digital presentations and infographics for the TMX C-Suite.

Gamifying Training for Enhanced Employee Engagement

TMX Finance, with its widespread presence across the USA, encountered the challenge of delivering training to its extensive workforce and ensuring completion rates. To tackle this issue, I played a pivotal role in designing and developing a game-based training module that engaged employees throughout the learning process. The implementation of this gamified approach proved highly successful, significantly boosting training retention rates and fostering a more effective learning experience for employees.

Empowering Success through TMX University

Under my guidance, TMX University was created as a comprehensive training system aimed at equipping employees with the necessary skills for success in their respective roles. I took charge of the branding strategy for this training platform and oversaw the development of the curriculum and all associated materials, ensuring a cohesive and impactful learning experience for TMX Finance employees.

Fostering Creative Collaboration

Within our department, we fostered a strong collaboration with the cinematography team, providing them with comprehensive support. This involved various levels of collaboration, ranging from establishing naming conventions for information storage to determining the seamless integration of training components, considering factors such as static versus immersive approaches in training modules. This invaluable experience enhanced my storytelling skills and allowed me to effectively engage with fellow creatives, business owners, and clients, ensuring compelling narratives in our collaborative endeavors.

Nurturing Diverse Brand Voices

Within the TMX Finance ecosystem, comprising numerous subsidiary businesses, I had the pleasure of collaborating with various brands to cultivate their unique identities. It was an exciting and rewarding experience to contribute to the development and growth of each brand's distinct voice, playing a pivotal role in fostering the remarkable diversification achieved by TMX Finance.