Developing a  battle cry

Developing a strong voice for a company and its employees is essential, especially with employees spread all over the country.
Client: TMX Finance | Role: Senior Art Director / Creative Direction

What I did for TMX Finance

I started off working for TMX Finance as a Senior Art Director and as we grew our department, I became the Creative Director. I played an integral role in setting the tone and feel for all of the internal communication, which was extremely vast.

Most of my responsibilities included creating instructional design; concepting, storyboarding, and shooting/editing new videos and training modules; and designing a vast array of print materials (session handouts, participant guides, job aids, etc.) to enhance and support corporate and field training experiences for multiple lines of businesses within TMX Finance. I also developed digital presentations and infographics for the TMX C-Suite.

Training is a Game

TMX Finance has locations all over the USA and was facing a challenge – not only how to get training to all of their employees, but how to get employees to complete the training. I helped to design and develop a game which was the entire training module that all employees would have to successfully complete. This proved to be extremely successful, and the retention rate, due to the success of the training, was significantly increased.

It's Cool to go 
to School

TMX University is the training system that was developed to help employees succeed in their perspective jobs. Branding for this training system, along with setting up the curriculum and all supporting materials, was created under my direction.

Combining Creativity

Our department worked very closely with the cinematography department to support them in any way we could. In doing so, there was a lot of collaboration, from simple things like how the naming convention for the storage of information should be to bigger things like how different training components should fit together when it comes to static versus complete immersion in a training module. This experience made me a better story teller when working with other creatives, business owners, and clients.

Supporting all 
the Brands

TMX Finance is a parent company to a multitude of other businesses. It was extremely fun working with all the different brands to help develop their individual voices. It was a great opportunity to help create and grow the diversification that TMX Finance has created for themselves.