Consistent Design Across Multiple Platforms

Ensuring a seamless and unified design experience across multiple devices is crucial for large businesses.
Citi | Role: Lead UX Designer
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Driving Consistency and User-Centered Design at Citi

During my tenure at Citi, I took on diverse projects that aimed to establish a centralized interactive design style and standards organization, promoting consistency across digital properties. Additionally, I led an initiative to develop and implement a comprehensive set of design standards, ensuring a cohesive user experience across Citi's multiple sites and applications, regardless of the screen type.

As a leader within Citi, I had the privilege of setting up and managing two UX groups that spanned various lines of business. This role provided me with a holistic view of Citi's products, enabling me to implement user-centered design principles and methodologies throughout the organization. I was responsible for creating user cases, personas, wireframes, sitemaps, experience flows, and UI specifications, ensuring that our designs catered to the needs and preferences of our users.

Leading these UX groups allowed me to refine and streamline our design process, fostering collaboration and ensuring consistent and high-quality work across all team members. A core aspect of this process, and one that I am particularly passionate about, is usability testing. By engaging with real customers and gathering their feedback, we validated our designs and aligned them with the customer mindset. This iterative process not only improved the user experience but also provided valuable insights and made the design journey both enlightening and enjoyable.

Mobile Device Expertise: Creating Seamless User Experiences

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience working on Apple and Android devices, assuming roles as a user experience architect, user experience designer, and user interface designer. In these capacities, I have successfully crafted various deliverables tailored specifically for mobile devices, ensuring seamless and intuitive user experiences.

My expertise encompasses designing comprehensive specifications, crib sheets, style guides, redlines, flowcharts, and high-fidelity wireframes that are specifically optimized for mobile interfaces. By leveraging my in-depth knowledge of mobile design principles and best practices, I have consistently delivered exceptional designs that meet the unique requirements and constraints of mobile platforms.

My passion for mobile design extends beyond static visuals. I possess a deep understanding of mobile user interactions and have a track record of creating engaging and interactive mobile experiences that delight users. Whether it's designing intuitive navigation, implementing touch gestures, or optimizing screen real estate, I strive to create user interfaces that are intuitive, efficient, and visually appealing.

By combining my technical expertise with a user-centered approach, I ensure that mobile applications and interfaces not only meet functional requirements but also provide an enjoyable and seamless user experience across a range of mobile devices.

Transforming Outdated Designs: Breathing New Life into Visual Experiences

One of my key strengths lies in revitalizing outdated designs and bringing them in line with a fresh and modern aesthetic. During my tenure at Citi, I had the privilege of undertaking numerous redesign projects, where I successfully troubleshooted and transformed old layouts, aligning them with our updated design language. By doing so, I tackled various design challenges by providing not only short-term solutions but also long-term strategies.

An example of my redesign expertise can be seen in the transformation of the homepage. On the left, you will find a redesigned homepage that offers users easy access to their specific credit card information. This revamped layout enhances usability and streamlines the user journey, making it more intuitive and efficient. On the right, I have developed a design template specifically tailored for all banking advisors across Citi. This standardized template ensures consistency in visual presentation and user experience, irrespective of the medium in which it is used.

Through my redesign efforts, I strive to not only address existing problems but also anticipate future needs and trends. By presenting well-thought-out and innovative solutions, I enable organizations to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. I am passionate about creating designs that not only captivate users in the present but also stand the test of time, providing a solid foundation for long-term success.

Empowering Presenters: Engaging and Impactful Presentation Design

Throughout my career, I have successfully developed a multitude of presentations aimed at pitching ideas to both internal and external clients. From smaller, targeted presentations to large-scale keynote events, my focus has always been on enhancing the effectiveness of the presenter and delivering a compelling message.

I firmly believe that a presentation should never be a mere platform for reading slides. Instead, it should amplify the presenter's presence and expertise, making them the central figure in the delivery of the message. By adopting this approach, I have designed presentations that prioritize the presenter's role, utilizing slides as supporting elements that enhance the overall impact.

The key to creating engaging presentations lies in the seamless combination of the presenter's charisma and the visual aids. Through careful design choices, I have ensured that the slides complement the presenter's narrative, guiding the audience's attention and reinforcing key points. This approach not only captivates the audience but also allows for a more dynamic and interactive presentation experience.

By shifting the focus from the slides to the presenter, I have successfully increased the effectiveness of each presentation. The fusion of compelling visuals and the presenter's unique delivery style creates a powerful synergy that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

In summary, my expertise in presentation design revolves around empowering presenters to deliver engaging and impactful messages. By placing the presenter at the forefront and leveraging visual elements as supportive tools, I have consistently achieved exceptional results, capturing the attention and interest of diverse audiences.

Bridging Brands: Designing Engaging Marketing Collateral

Over the past two years, my work has been prominently featured on Citi's website, showcasing my expertise in marketing design. One of the key skills I honed during my tenure at Citi was the ability to seamlessly blend the design standards of two distinct brands. A notable example of this was the collaboration between Citi and American Airlines, where my creative thinking played a pivotal role in crafting visually captivating materials that incorporated the essence of both brands.

Designing marketing collateral that represents the partnership between American Airlines and Citi presented a unique challenge. It required striking the perfect balance between visually conveying the identity of American Airlines while maintaining the essence of Citi's brand. This involved employing creative thinking and innovative design techniques to ensure that all stakeholders were pleased with the final outcome.

By leveraging my design expertise and understanding the core values of both brands, I was able to develop compelling visuals that resonated with audiences and effectively communicated the collaborative nature of the product. The end result was a harmonious blend of elements that captured the spirit of American Airlines while staying true to Citi's design standards.

This experience not only showcased my ability to navigate the intricacies of designing for multiple brands but also demonstrated my commitment to delivering marketing materials that align with the unique vision and requirements of each collaboration.

Bridging the Gap: Effective Communication in Design and Development

In my role, I excelled as a proficient interpreter, bridging the gap between the business and design realms, as well as between design and development teams. A key aspect of my success was my ability to communicate effectively, leveraging both my articulate nature and visual creativity to convey project goals and requirements.

One noteworthy example of my technical communication skills was the implementation of an innovative approach to streamline communication between design and development teams. By devising a more efficient and collaborative process, we were able to save valuable time and resources, while also reducing stress and frustration for all involved parties. This transformative change significantly enhanced the way we delivered creative assets to our scrum teams.

As a skilled communicator, I understood the importance of conveying design concepts and specifications to developers in a clear and concise manner. By presenting technical information in a visually engaging format, I ensured that developers had a thorough understanding of project requirements, resulting in smoother collaboration and more accurate implementation.

Furthermore, my ability to bridge the gap between business and design enabled me to effectively translate complex business objectives into visually compelling designs. By aligning creative solutions with strategic goals, I played a pivotal role in delivering successful outcomes that met both business and design objectives.

Harmonizing Brands: Uniting Citi and Hilton

The partnership between Citi and Hilton has presented a fascinating design challenge, considering the distinct branding guidelines of both companies. Bringing these two brands together requires a delicate balance of collaboration and compromise. I have gained extensive experience in navigating this dynamic, not only through this project but also through various other collaborations involving Citi's partners.

The process of harmonizing the Citi and Hilton brands has been an exciting endeavor. It has involved finding common ground and aligning visual elements to create a cohesive and unified experience. By carefully considering the unique aspects of each brand and understanding their individual identities, I have been able to strike a harmonious balance that respects both sets of branding guidelines.

Throughout this project and others involving Citi's partners, I have leveraged my expertise in brand integration and collaboration. By actively engaging in discussions, listening to stakeholders' perspectives, and employing creative problem-solving, I have successfully bridged the gap between disparate branding guidelines. The result is a seamless fusion of Citi and Hilton's visual identities that respects their individual essence while presenting a unified and compelling experience.

My experience in combining brands extends beyond Citi and Hilton, as I have worked on similar projects with other partners. This exposure has enriched my understanding of diverse branding strategies and reinforced my ability to find common ground while preserving the unique characteristics of each brand.

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