Multiple Platforms. One Voice.

Having a unified design is key for large businesses, especially when it comes to multiple devices.
Client: Citi | Role: Lead UX Designer

What I Did at Citi

While at Citi, I had the opportunity to work on a myriad of projects such as creating a centralized interactive design style and standards organization to drive consistency across digital properties; and leading an effort to design and develop a common set of design standards to be leveraged across Citi’s multiple sites, driving toward a cohesive experience across all screen types and applications.

Working at Citi gave me the chance to set up and lead two different UX groups crossing all lines of business. Being in a leadership position made it possible for me to oversee all of the different products at Citi and develop user-centered design methods/principles for user cases, personas, wireframes, sitemaps, experience flows, and UI specifications.

Leading different UX groups really helped me to develop and streamline a practical and effective process that would be used by every team member to create great, consistent work. An essential part of that process, and something I’m very passionate about, is usability testing. Getting to work with real customers to make sure that our designs align with the customer mindset was always helpful, eye-opening, and a lot of fun.

Mobile Devices

I've worked on both Apple and Android devices as a user experience architect, user experience designer, and user interface designer. In these roles, I designed specifications, crib sheets, style guides, redlines, flowcharts, high-fidelity wires, and a multitude of other unique items specifically for mobile devices.

Example of a Redesign

Breathing life into an old design is one of my biggest specialties. Working with Citi, I’ve been able to redesign and also troubleshoot old layouts and bring them to our new design language. In doing so, I have helped with a multitude of different design challenges not by changing the problem but by solving it and presenting what I think the best solution is not only in the short term, but the long term. On the left is a redesign of the homepage that will take people to the specific credit cards they have. On the right is a design template that is going to be used for all banking advisors throughout Citi. The link to this page will be used in a multitude of different mediums.

Presentation Design

I have developed multiple presentations to pitch ideas to internal and external clients along with large keynote presentations. Working together with the presenter really enhanced the effectiveness of each presentation. I strongly believe that if your audience is reading your presentation from your slides, you're not presenting you're just being Vanna White. I designed my presentations to make the presenter the focal point of the presentation and have the slides enhance and support the presenter. Combining the individual’s charisma with the presentation increased the effectiveness of the message.

Let's make some marketing

If you've been on Citi’s website at any point in last two years, you've probably seen some of my work. A design skill I grew while working at Citi was learning how to design between two different brands while maintaining the design standards of both. For example, American Airlines has partnered with Citi to make an amazing product- but how do you make something that says American Airlines visually but has the essence of Citi. This is where creative thinking really works to make everyone happy.

Getting Technical and Communicating Right

My role encompassed being a good interpreter from business to design, and from design to development. Being a good communicator meant not only being good at articulating but also being visually creative and able to communicate the goal. In this example, it shows the technical side of that we supplied to developers. I successfully implemented a way of communicating that not only saved time and money but reduced stress and frustration. In doing so, we changed the way we delivered the creative needs to our scrum teams.

Combining Two Companies

Citi and Hilton have been in partnership for quite some time now, which is interesting from a design standpoint since both have their own branding guidelines. To make them work together, there’s a lot of give and take. I’ve had extensive experience walking that line with this project specifically, and with several other projects with partners of Citi.