Driving Design Excellence for Internal and External Audiences

I am dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions that resonate with both internal and external stakeholders, ensuring impactful visual communication that drives success. Together, let's take design to new horizons.
Capital One | Role: Lead Art Director >> Creative Direction
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Driving Success at Capital One: Fostering User-Centric Design and Engaging Presentations

My tenure at Capital One began as Lead Art Director, where I played a pivotal role in delivering impactful design solutions. As our department evolved, I assumed the position of interim Creative Director, spearheading innovative strategies that showcased Capital One's unwavering commitment to the end user. The banking industry presented a fascinating new landscape, and I was inspired by the collaborative environment where my colleagues and I tackled individual challenges with ingenuity and creativity.

One of my most exciting accomplishments was the success we achieved in our presentations, keynotes, and sales pitches. Collaborating closely with senior management, I refined my communication skills to effectively deliver information in an engaging and captivating manner. My diverse responsibilities encompassed art direction across various channels, including direct mail, web design, UX design, email design, and branding. I took the lead in developing compelling PowerPoint and keynote presentations for both internal and external clients. Additionally, I played a key role in overseeing new program rollouts within the Capital One Auto Finance department.

In this dynamic role, I achieved remarkable outcomes. Through innovative marketing strategies and designs, I contributed to a 40% increase in direct mail return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, I conceptualized the initial UX design for the Capital One Auto Finance webpage and mobile app, laying the foundation for an exceptional user experience.

Engaging Townhall Presentations: Captivating Audiences with Minimalist Design

One of my notable achievements at Capital One was the development of a keynote presentation for the CFO of Capital One Auto Finance. This presentation received exceptional feedback and left a lasting impact on the audience. The process of creating the keynote was fascinating as it involved collaborating with diverse individuals within the CFO's team, each bringing their unique personalities and perspectives to the table. This collective effort resulted in a presentation that effectively captured people's attention by employing a minimalist design approach, prioritizing the presenter's delivery of information over on-screen content.

By keeping the on-screen information to a minimum, we ensured that the focus remained on the presenter, allowing their message to resonate with the audience. The careful balance between visuals and verbal communication enhanced the overall engagement and effectiveness of the presentation, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Driving Innovation: Contributions to Capital One Auto Navigator

As a member of the internal team at Capital One, I played a key role in the initial development of the Auto Navigator platform for Capital One Auto Finance. Embracing design-centric thinking, I made significant contributions to shaping the site's functionality, logic, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI). By leveraging my expertise and collaborating with cross-functional teams, I helped create an innovative and user-friendly platform that empowers customers to navigate the auto financing process with ease.

Capital One Diamond Program: Engaging Presentations for Various Arenas

As part of the Capital One Diamond program, I developed a series of presentations tailored for different arenas, ensuring effective communication and engagement across diverse audiences.

To address large groups, I created an interactive Keynote/PowerPoint presentation. This dynamic and visually compelling format captured the attention of vendors, providing a comprehensive overview of the program's benefits and offerings.

Tablet: For more personalized interactions, I designed a one-on-one session presentation specifically for salespeople engaging with individual vendors. This format allowed for face-to-face discussions, enabling a deeper understanding of the vendor's needs and a tailored presentation of the program's value proposition.

Video: Recognizing the need for flexibility and accessibility, I transformed the presentation into a video format with a professional voiceover. This video was hosted on a secure website, allowing vendors to access and view it at their convenience, ensuring a consistent and informative experience.

By adapting the presentation to different mediums, I ensured that the Capital One Diamond program's message was effectively delivered and easily digested by vendors in various settings, maximizing engagement and understanding.

“Capital One Auto Finance booked a record $16 billion in auto loan originations.”

Empowering Collaboration: Department Roadshow for Unleashing Potential

I orchestrated a dynamic department roadshow, featuring a comprehensive portfolio presentation that showcased the remarkable skill set and capabilities of my team to other internal departments. This engaging presentation not only demonstrated the range of our expertise but also highlighted our unique identity and how we could effectively support and elevate other departments in surpassing their goals. The roadshow was a resounding success, and I derived great satisfaction from guiding my team through new projects, fostering their professional growth, and enabling them to unlock their full potential along the way.

Compelling Presentation Design: Engaging Internal and External Stakeholders

I spearheaded the development of a captivating presentation for Capital One, designed to effectively communicate the objectives of the sales team to both internal and external clients. This comprehensive presentation was crafted in multiple formats to cater to diverse preferences and platforms, including a dynamic PowerPoint version, an interactive video, and a mobile-friendly presentation optimized for viewing on iPads and other mobile devices. By leveraging innovative design techniques and user-friendly interfaces, we ensured an engaging and seamless experience for all stakeholders, effectively conveying the sales team's key messages and driving impactful outcomes.