Driving to the horizon together

Taking great design - for both internal and external audiences - to the bank.
Client: Capital One | Role: Lead Art Director / Creative Direction

What I did for Capital One

I started off at Capital One as Lead Art Director. As our department changed, I was the interim Creative Director. This was my first experience working in the banking industry and it amazed me how much Capital One focuses on the end user while working with other colleagues to solve individual situations in different and clever ways.

I was extremely excited about the success we had in our presentations, keynotes, and sales pitches. Working together with senior management really helped me develop my communication skills on how to deliver non-exciting information in an exciting way. My responsibilities included art direction of direct mail, web design, UX design, email design, and branding; developing PowerPoint and keynote presentations for internal and external clients; and overseeing new program rollouts within the Capital One Auto Finance department. In this role, I helped to increase direct mail ROI by 40% through innovative marketing strategies and designs and I concepted the initial UX design for the Capital One Auto Finance webpage and mobile app.

Townhall Presentation Design

I developed a keynote presentation for the CFO of Capital One Auto Finance that was extremely well received. Developing the keynote presentation was interesting – working with different people in his group that brought different personalities and different things to the table ultimately led to a presentation that grabbed people’s attention by keeping on-screen information to a minimum and focusing on the information coming from the presenter.

CapitalOne Auto Navigator

I was part of the internal team that initially developed the auto-navigator for Capital One Auto Finance. By using design-centric thinking, I was instrumental in developing the functionality and logic of this site as well as the UX and UI.

CapitalOne Diamond program

I developed this presentation to be easily digested by different Arenas.

Keynote/PowerPoint: This was a interactive Keynote/PowerPoint presentation that would be given to an audience of vendors this is utilized when talking to a large group.

Tablet: this would be a one-on-one session where the salesperson would meet face-to-face with the vendor.

Video: I converted the presentation with a voiceover to be placed on a secure website so that a vendor could watch at their leisure.

“Capital One Auto Finance booked a record $16 billion in auto loan originations.”

Department Roadshow

I designed this comprehensive portfolio presentation to showcase my team’s skillset and abilities to other internal departments. This showed not only what we could do, but who we were and how we could help other departments go above and beyond their goals. It was spectacularly successful and I enjoyed helping my team tackle new projects and grow their abilities in the process.

Presentation Design

I developed a presentation for Capital One, used for internal and external clients, for the sales team to show just what their objectives were. This presentation was developed as a PowerPoint, an interactive video, and also as a presentation that an individual could view on their iPad or any mobile device.