Unifying Markets through Modern Messaging

Enabling diverse markets across multiple countries to share a unified and contemporary message is our mission. By leveraging innovative strategies and effective communication channels, we facilitate seamless connectivity and engagement among global audiences. Our approach ensures that your brand's message transcends borders, resonates with various cultures, and creates a strong social media presence. Together, let's eat, drink, and be social, while forging meaningful connections worldwide.
T.G.I. Friday’s | Role: Lead Art Director
Cross-market communication | Strategic social media optimization | Presentation design and development | Multicultural understanding and adaptation | Information synthesis and simplification | Brand alignment and consistency | Target audience analysis and engagement | Innovative and fresh content creation | Actionable insights and strategies | Business growth through social media utilization

Empowering Local Communities through Social Media Optimization

As part of my work with T.G.I. Friday's, I took on the responsibility of developing three impactful presentations aimed at enhancing the brand's social media presence in local communities. The primary focus was to empower overseas markets by leveraging the potential of social media platforms effectively. However, it was crucial to strike a balance between providing valuable information and avoiding overwhelming employees with an information overload, considering the diverse locations where the presentations would be delivered.

One of the key challenges I encountered was ensuring that the presentations remained fresh, innovative, and aligned with the brand's identity. It was essential to deliver content that resonated with the target audience while staying true to T.G.I. Friday's established brand guidelines.

The result of this initiative was a significant increase in traffic to T.G.I. Friday's restaurants worldwide, indicating the success of our efforts. By equipping the marketing team with actionable insights and strategies, we empowered local communities to better connect with their target audience, fostering engagement and driving business growth through optimized social media utilization.